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Millions of men from all walks of life throng Bed Bull daily for reasons that are as varied as the diversity that comprise the hub itself. For majority, they seek to find a reliable solution for their premature ejaculation shortcomings. For some, they seek to fix their erectile dysfunction, weak stamina, and low libido. Another percentage want to follow in the footsteps of a friend who realized his bedroom prowess courtesy of Bed Bull. For others, they want to learn and have an in depth understanding of their sexuality. A significant fraction is curious how the whole Bed Bull system works.

Below, we feature personal stories from multinational men who purchased the Bed Bull. These testimonials will be added periodically and perhaps one experience will strike a chord with you and help you begin your own story about how the Bed Bull blueprint gave you the secrets to endure longer, increased your vigor, boosted your confidence, transformed you from a bed bear, and made you a bedroom stallion!



“I can’t thank you enough for the techniques contained in the bed bull system. You surely saved my relationship of over 5 years with my fiancée.

I was really leery of buying the book but I was willing to do anything to prove that I’m still the man she fell in love with because she meant so much to me.

Now, I’m so glad I discovered these techniques because we’re like horny teenagers again and she’s tapped into a new level of sexual pleasure she never knew possible. Thanks a million.”


“I am now a proud bed bull; no longer a bed bear! After only two sessions the results are astonishing. First session I went over 10 minutes. Second session I lasted 25 minutes. Even after I ejaculated I was still rock hard! Glad I discovered this secret. Thanks for this one-of-a-kind program. Worth it.”


“After just one week my stamina has gone through the roof. Absolutely no problem lasting longer in the bedroom. And my wife is extremely happy about the new changes. Also, my sex life has always been associated with anxiety, and with your techniques, I find it’s gone down completely. It’s so much easier to stay in the moment and I can now enjoy my beautiful wife. Thanks Team Amerix!”


“Normally I’m skeptical about endorsement writings that praise a product or service too highly, but I can honestly say to you that the ‘bed bull’ strategy has saved my marriage, and has led to the best sex we’ve ever had, including 3 extra times during that first week when i put the techniques to practicality”


I’m seeing a massive improvement already. I can’t believe how quickly things have started to change. I always thought this was a problem I’m going to be stuck with. I feel a lot more confident now. Thanks again for the quick cure. Highly recommend Bed Bull”


“I’m a natural cynic so when I first heard about this ‘Bed Bull Sex Secret’ I thought it would be another scam with no substance. But my curiosity was burning so I decided to try it. Trying just one instance of the bed bull strategy I was able to satisfy my woman all night. Thanks for this.”


“One of the things that made me feel most comfortable about making the decision to buy Bed Bull is the way the author explains that you are not alone. Lots of men go through this but not enough actually do something about it. I’m glad I finally did, after years of suffering. My sex life is completely different. I now go out on the prowl with extreme confidence. All I can say is thanks! My life will never be the same. No more worries! No more stress, guilt, embarrassment, you name it. Life is easy breezy when you can have fun and unwind and rock it in bed.”


“I have to admit that I doubted Bed Bull could work…just seemed too good to be true… I thought if you didn’t have to take some magic pill or do something crazy technique that it just couldn’t be true. The author lays out how to get rid of premature ejaculation in a way that any guy can understand. It’s all about the mental game, but he takes you beyond that so that your PE goes away forever. That doesn’t happen by accident. Follow these methods to a tee and you’re on your way to sexual mastery. I would have felt stupid saying that just three months ago. Now I don’t because I last almost an hour in bed anytime I want and my girlfriend now actually begs me for sex. Couldn’t be happier. Eternally grateful.”

South Africa

“For the first time in my life I can have long, satisfying sex with my wife! To say my marriage was boring wasn’t even scratching the surface of how bad it was. I loved her and was worried she’d end up cheating on me because I was the one-minute man. I’m happy to say I found Bed Bull before that could happen. I’m telling you it works. And I’m happy that I don’t have to mess around with any crazy methods. Bed Bull’s straightforward approach can work for any guy if it worked for me. I’m the biggest skeptic of them all. Guys, if you want to see a change right away, this is the way to go, for real.”

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