Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the Bed Bull blueprint after I make my purchase?

The Bed Bull program is delivered electronically in a digital download format (PDF). After successful payment via debit/credit card or mobile money, you’ll be directed to a private download page where you can access/download the content. You’ll also receive an email as a backup.

An e-book (electronic book) is like a real book, only it is in electronic format to be either printed out onto paper or read on your electronic device: smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The advantage of an e-book is that it can be delivered instantly, there are no shipping costs and you can keep it ever-ready for use on your device. The book is also interactive so you will be able to click on links to web sites and useful resources on the Internet.

For your convenience, the e-book is published for viewing in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF format)… absolutely the best and easiest way to view the materials! Most PCs already have Acrobat Reader installed. If your mobile device or computer doesn’t have PDF Reader, you can get a free download here:

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Does it work on iPhone, Android, iPad, and other mobile devices?

Yes, most mobile devices and smartphones (such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices) offer PDF viewing and MP3 playback, so you can access the information on the go!

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Can I get this program in a bookshop?

No. You can only get the Bed Bull program directly from this website. Available in soft copy only; no hard copy at the moment.

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How do I know if the payment gateway is safe and secure?

Online purchasing via credit card is now considered safer and more secure than many traditional forms of payment (like international money remittance or sending cheque payment over the mail, etc.)

Our merchant accounts (through ZuriZone or Gumroad, the premier online resellers for digital products) uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information from being viewed by third parties. Even as the website owner, we don’t have access to the credit card information you use to place your order.

Every day, tens of thousands of customers trust our payment infrastructure with sensitive payment card information and feel confident ordering products within the marketplace. So rest assured, your transaction with is secure and safe.

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How do you protect my privacy?

Your privacy is guaranteed.

We never reveal your personal information to any third party.

And we also do not sell your information or use it in any way to target advertising.

We use the information you provide about yourself, such as your name and email address, only for the purpose of product purchase and delivery.

For more information, take a look at our privacy policy

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Can I order a physical copy of the program?

In a bid to streamline product delivery and pass on the savings to our customers, our product is available only in digital download format.

Digital downloads allow for instant delivery and you can have access to the materials practically within minutes. No delivery waiting times, and no shipping cost.

It also ensures privacy as nothing physical is shipped through the mail – you get to access everything on the private website. All of our clients actually prefer such privacy due to the nature of the product contents.

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How soon can I expect to see results?

That really depends on a few things, because every man is different. Factors such as overall health, severity of PE, sensitivity to sexual stimulation, genetics, age, level of performance anxiety, and most importantly your commitment to the program. These all affect how fast you’ll gain complete ejaculatory control.

While some of the tips, techniques and strategies will get you results sooner, by taking committed action, the average guy experiences a significant improvement within 2 – 4 weeks. Think about this… what’s two to four weeks to you… compared to a lifetime of permanently improved stamina and sexual enjoyment?

On the other hand, if you ever needed some “quick fixes” to boost your staying power, you’ll find some emergency tactics to help you get started as early as tonight. These techniques will come in handy if you’ve something sexy planned for the night and you need some firepower ready!

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